What to Pack Wednesday | 8 Days in Portugal in a Carry-On

Carry-on packing list for 8 days in Portugal in summer.

1. Swim suit | 2. Tees | 3. Overalls | 4.Sandals | 5. Denim Shorts | 6. Shorts | 7. Romper | 8. Swim suit | 9. Tees

10. Pajamas | 11. Sunnies | 12. Towel | 13. Pants | 14. Toiletry Bag

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What you see above (sans undies and socks, because who wants to see those?) is truly what I would pack for 8 days in Portugal, including several days at the beach. Everything shown fits into my carry-on suitcase. Anything else I would bring fits into my backpack. For us, the key to easy travel is not over-packing. We have a staple wardrobe that we bring on most vacations, adding in different outwear, footwear or layers as needed.

1. Swim suit - For a beach vacation, a cute swim suit is a must. I like a swimsuit with a bit more coverage for doing active things, like hiking and exploring cove beaches! This Athleta suit is great. The top comes in different cup sizes and keeps the girls nice and contained and the bottoms stay put. I love the bright colors, too! My color way is from a couple of seasons ago, but they have new patterns out each year, like this green one above.

2. Tees - I'm a Madewell junkie, and my tee collection is no exception. I just love their whisper cotton tees and tanks. They come in tons of colors, including the basics, and are super affordable. I stock up on these every year when the weather gets warm and wear them until winter returns. Shown here are the muscle tank and v-neck tee.

3. Overalls - I'm not sure if I'm getting too old for these, but I don't care because I love them.

4. Sandals - These are truthfully the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. We walked all over Portugal and I wore these on most days. The footbed is cushioned and the sole is nice and flexible. They never cut into my feet, even at the ankles, which I find to be a problem with most gladiator sandals. I wanted something comfortable but not something that screamed 40 year old mom, and I think these fit the bill.

5. Denim Shorts - A packing staple when traveling to warm weather, these shorts are nice and versatile and stylish but still comfy.

6. Shorts - These lightweight shorts are perfect for going to the pool or beach. I throw them over my suit before heading out for the day. They dry super quick so I don't worry about them getting wet or pulling them on over a damp swimsuit.

7. Romper - I am not a dress person. I mean, I love the simplicity of a dress and how cute OTHER people look in dresses, but I just don't feel comfortable in them. With that said, I do love me a romper. And this one is perfect for travel. The material is super lightweight and doesn't wrinkle, so it's easy to pack. It's really flattering on most body types and looks stylish with sandals and some jewelry or sporty with sneakers. Because it dries so quick, you could easily wash it in a hotel sink and wear it multiple times on a single trip (which is what I did).

8. Swim suit - I always bring a backup swimsuit on a beach vacation - in case my favorite one hasn't dried out over night. The one I have is a white top with black bottoms, which isn't carried any longer, but an all black one is just as good!

9. Tees - Yep, I always pack a lot of tees when traveling, regardless of the season. The V-Neck Sleeveless is another Madewell tee while the basic white tank hails from Old Navy.

10. Pajamas - I love to look at different packing lists like this and one thing I always see missing is pajamas. I mean, what do other people sleep in when they travel? Do they not bring jammies? Well, I do, so I thought it was important to include them here. When we get back to our room at night I like to change out of my day clothe immediately and put on something to lounge around the room in. I usually bring some jammie pants, and a few sleep tees to get me through the week.

11. Sunnies - Beach vacations require sunglasses. I go for cheaper ones, then I don't feel bad when they get scratched from banging around in my bag.

12. Towel - We actually bring these quick dry towels on most of our vacations, now. They pack up super small, dry in the blink of an eye and are super useful for beaches, pools, drying your hair, etc. We each have our own towel and they easily pack in our day pack when we're out and about on beach excursions.

13. Pants - Again, these pants are wrinkle resistant and super lightweight. They're great for hiking or adventuring in warmer weather, if you don't feel like wearing shorts.

14. Toiletry Bag - We fill this bag up with non-liquid toiletry items, like hair brushes, vitamins, deodorant, etc.

Travel outfit

15. Jacket | 16. Jewelry | 17. Tee | 18. Sneakers | 19. Jeans

I like my travel outfit to be versatile - to include pieces I can wear throughout the week. This one is pretty much my uniform when traveling in warmer months.

15. Jacket - A lightweight jacket in a nice neutral is a staple in my wardrobe. It is great to wear on the plane when it gets chilly, and is easy enough to stow in my backpack when we land in our sunny destination. It's the perfect piece to layer on at night when it gets a little chilly and always look stylish.

16. Jewelry - Packing jewelry is an easy way to add some style to your basic travel wardrobe. I like to stick with simple classics, like gold hoops and different length necklaces that can be layered.

17. Tee - A simple tee is an easy go-to for me when traveling.

18. Sneakers - I always pack comfortable sneakers when traveling. I'm not the type to sightsee in cute ballet flats, since we walk everywhere. I've been wearing these saucony sneaks for years - they're not too 'sporty' but provide the right amount of cushion and comfort needed when you're on your feet all day. I order mine 1/2 size bigger than I need to accommodate for foot swelling from the plane and from walking.

19. Jeans - I generally wear jeans on a plane, even an overnight flight, because I'm just a jeans kind of girl. I can then wear these jeans, as needed, throughout the week, without having to pack an extra pair.


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